Celeste Inspires

By making yoga or exercise a daily way of life you see this commitment carry over into a more deeply felt initiative under all that you do. Simply, you learn to rely on yourself.
— Celeste Shirley

Imagine seeing Mother Teresa at the gym

Ridiculous right?  Yet, taking care of the body is NOT selfish, narcissistic, or image obsessive.  It's healthy to put you first. Especially the happy, vital you with less stiff, bouncier knees.

Movement makes you happy. Eventually, or after a week when the delayed onset muscle soreness is less and you love how you feel. Feeling good means, well...that you will hurt at the beginning. Let's be honest. We need to hurt a bit, as the body responds to the eustress (positive stress.) Yet, it's the healthy hurt that creates fabulous adaptations in the body, bones and lips. Your lips lift when you feel good about yourself.

When you put yourself first you will feel good. When you think you can't put yourself first, you decide to anyways. Especially then, because you WILL feel so good afterwards. 

When you care for yourself you are inspired to take care of others. Suddenly, you're Mother Teresa (with abs.)

Celeste's Delightful Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm to love your life is contagious around Celeste. Her expert passion connects people to their own joyful potential. Celeste lives her truth in such a big way that you can’t help but leave her classes, workshops, & retreats spiritually uplifted! Celeste’s teaching acts as a philosophical primer for living an inspired life.


Love your body. Actively. Love it all the way to that yoga mat--but only if you enjoy yoga; start with what you love. Have the courage to tenderly move the crusty parts that are stiff and sore.  Discover how to fit movement, play and spontaneity into your life. Embed this habit. Schedule your body time (workout, yoga practice) like office hours.

Celeste's Approach

I feel most alive when I convey the innate wisdom inside our bodies.

This cellular intelligence not only beats our hearts and blinks our eyes, it also prompts us to sense what we really, truly want to do in our life.  This is felt.  Recognizing your inherent intelligence promotes living a life of inspired self-expression and the courage to take action.

By making yoga or exercise a daily way of life you see this commitment carry over into a more deeply felt initiative under all that you do. If you develop the commitment to exercise or move daily you learn to rely on your self.  You will trust yourself to do what you are truly inspired to do in the way you need to. 

We come into our true humanity when we unite with this innate intelligence and use our current circumstances--easy or challenging--as a doorway into a deeper understanding of our true nature.  By returning to this intelligence, we enliven the possibilities of human physical potential and inspire compassionately, the groundwork for personal renewal. 


"This is not a yoga studio, it is a space generated to meet each body and souls' need for movement, connection to nature and in doing so to self and each other. It is also a place to breathe and for that reason it is a chapel, for when breath is prayer, we feel our connection to life, to our inner intelligence and each other. Let us begin."

- Celeste Shirley, Mission Statement for The Yoga House

For the last 34 years, Celeste has acted as a pied piper inspiring those around her to get active and trust their body again, regardless of motivational crippling due to impossible schedules, injury, aging, supreme exhaustion, infertility, surgery, or simply sore knees or back and the accompanying lack of energy and self-esteem.

Celeste teaches and models the importance of living an ‘awake’ life by living expressively, and “playing” the body rather than working it. "It's sacred to take the time to care for your body, I have come to experience it as a spiritual ritual. I have done this "spiritual ritual" daily, in unique spaces like airports, washroom stalls, and parks, away from the dog region (poop joke.)  Even when I don't feel like it.  I am not more "disciplined" or the athletic type.  I am just like you.  The truth is you can move anywhere.  It will catch on, trust me.  I have been practicing yoga and exercising daily for 38 years.  I have been called devoted, dedicated, disciplined and even selfish.  Most commonly, I have been called disciplined.  Yet, true discipline is self-care.  It is not nasty and regimented.  A truly disciplined exerciser listens to their body and adapts daily to what they can do.  You move each day with interest, absolute willingness and a humble ability to show up.  I keep returning to the Mother Teresa adage: when I take care of my body,  I am a better mother, friend, lover, and I write funnier emails.  Please join me" 

With a B.A.H. in Physical Education, a background in Kinesiology, yoga, competitive bodybuilding and certifications in: Thai Massage (Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai) Laughter Yoga, Yoga, Personal Training, Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki, Celeste emphasizes the mind body connection for physical vitality and emotional health.

In her studio she works with individuals and groups experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders.  This includes those that have PTSD, borderline personality disorder (emotional dis-regulation), rape survivors, and addiction.

At Bellwood Health Services, Toronto, a private hospital specializing in addiction, Celeste worked alongside doctors and nurses in the medical team as fitness director and wellness consultant, teaching stress management and exercise prescription. Celeste has been discovering ways to help individuals with exceptional physical and mental experiences assimilate into life with a more centred and whole sense of self. 

As a teacher for the Roots of Empathy organization, Celeste facilitates the importance of feeling your emotions and effectively expressing them throughout classrooms in the Toronto District School Board. At night, this teaching is delivered through the organization, Dialectical Living, founded and developed by her associate, Julie Hayden BA, BSW, MSW.