Celeste Inspires

On-site Yoga and Exercise Classes

Program and price point developed for each organization's needs

Have Celeste or one of her qualified teachers come to your office or boardroom for an energizing yoga and/or exercise break. 

Classes include:

  • Back care workshops
  • Conference energy breaks
  • Lunch time yogafit
  • Yoga for Stiff Guys
  • Desk yoga (these 10 - 20 minute quickie classes provide energy enhancement)
  • Laughter yoga and core training: These classes include laughter yoga exercises (spontaneous exercises to bring on the giggles) combined with toning exercises for the midsection. This combination increases abdominal fitness, improves back strength, and releases stress which is often stored in the stomach area
  • Fatigue buster
  • Breathing and Relaxation Class: This class will teach practical exercises you can use in the boardroom, at your desk, in traffic and daily life to release tension

Other Fitness/Wellness Programs

  • Weight training programs
  • Fitness clinics
  • Fitness on the Road programs
  • Wellness programs such as stress management, weight management, nutrition, disease prevention, and work/life balance

Individual Program Prescription

Innovative exercises to address health issues, physical and mental needs consult with Celeste to tailor a fitness/wellness program