Celeste Inspires

One on One Session

60 minutes $150

Exercise, yoga, meditation, dance, whatever moves you.  

Discover what that is. 

I need to meet with you and find out what your emotional, spiritual and physical needs are. What is an emotional need?  I'm so glad you asked.  An example of an emotional need is to feel rested, peaceful, and at home in yourself.  A spiritual need could be to feel integrated into your life, not like an outsider.  A physical need is to feel energetic, flexible and a return of your sense of humour.  A sense of humour gets you feeling good, just like exercise. 

Then we begin.

These private sessions help you define your fitness needs and what I call your exercise personality. For example, you may wish to lose weight but have not found an aerobic activity, or exercise that you do not dread. It’s time to choose an activity you love.  And there is one. There is a way to move that feels really good and energizing.  We will find that out.  

Then, we address all the factors that keep your body well tuned. 
There are 5 components of fitness: aerobic, muscular strength, flexibility, agility, and balance. 

Most people only consider aerobic or stretching exercises when they design their program. Yet, I have seen in most fitness tests that people have a really hard time with balance, agility and doing anything like even a leap. This is important as you want to stay really nimble and energetic (this allows you to do the aerobic and flexibility components!) 

When you book a private session you will discover:

  1. How to schedule exercise in and make it happen (motivational strategies and needs)
  2. Define very real training parameters which means goals that create physical adaptation, not strain
  3. How to update it for enthusiasm, improvement and self-monitoring
  4. Receive your own DVD with your routine(s). This is an extra fee; usually around $150 - very helpful