Celeste Inspires

“Celeste is a source of inspiration.  I meet with Celeste 3 mornings a week to get a tune up for my body and outlook.  With her insightful prodding, she helps me uncover where I am slowing myself down in my life.  She is gentle and thorough in her approach which leaves me no wiggle room.  This is important for me! She really gets me thinking about what I want to really do in my life and (when I am ready) she is there as cheerleader, with very poignant steps to take.” - Merle Langbord - MerleLevineAcademy.com

"I came to Celeste to go deeper into some advanced yoga postures I had been unable to do on my own and to fine tune my cardio and weight training. Talking with her helped me articulate what was going on for me in relation to these postures and exercises. I found that she has a deep understanding of how the body works, extensive experience as a yoga teacher, trainer and kinesiologist and is commited to her yoga practice. This unique combination of knowledge, skill and experience allowed her to identify the core issues that were causing the blockages in the areas of my body required to go into certain postures and do certain exercises and explain it to me clearly. She made recommendations that have made a lasting effect in my practice. For example, once I engaged udhiyana bhanda and focused on my inner strength and power I was able to go deeper into the postures I had been working on. I hope she writes a book about this some day."  - Sitara Sylvia Maldonado - SitaraOm.com

"Celeste has been teaching yoga at our office during lunch hour for more than two years.  We love the yoga, but it is Celeste that keeps us coming back for more.  The classes have grown from one to several a week, and we look forward to sharing Celeste’s breathe and motivation.  She is a gifted instructor whose whole being exudes everything we would want from a yoga practice – tranquility, presence, strength, compassion and love. Thank you, Celeste!"

- Deborah Duncan

"It was an extraordinary blessing for me as a speaker here in Toronto to be invited to stay at the Yoga House by Celeste Shirley and Manfred Jene. It is a center of evolving life, expressing the potential of all of us through transparent relationship, marvelous food and most important inspiration from Celeste in strengthening by example the power of our being whole and thereby empowered in relationship, in health, in life itself." 

Barabara Marx Hubbard - BarbaraMarxHubbard.com

"Celeste is a gifted yoga instructor and communicator.  She is able to work with students at all levels and abilities.  No matter how stiff, uncertain, stressed or unfocussed her students start a class, they always leave relaxed, focused and energized.  It must be her passion for yoga and her joy for life that make the difference.  I’d recommend her to the absolute beginner as well as the advanced student, to the healthy body as well as to the injured.  We are all lucky to stumble upon that special teacher a few times in our lives – Celeste is one.’ - Catherine Wakeham, TD Waterhouse

"Celeste's face brightens when she talks about yoga.  Her passion is contagious.   After one class I noticed a difference in how I felt mentally and physically. Her classes are highly addictive!"  - Nancy Grenier

"I will never forget your voice as it calmly directs me to try just a little more than my body wants to do willingly, and I do it. It must be only to demonstrate to you that I respect you enough to try what ever you ask of me. I have learned a lot about my body through your instructions. Your special manner made the classes truly rewarding for me." - Irina Naftalis