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This is not a yoga studio, it is a space generated to meet each body and souls' need for movement, connection to nature and in doing so to self and each other. It is also a place to breathe and for that reason it is a chapel, for when breath is prayer, we feel our connection to life, to our inner intelligence and each other. Let us begin.

- Celeste Shirley, Mission Statement for The Yoga House

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Small (7 to 14 people), communal classes means you will be adjusted and attended to.  Each class promotes dialogue: “Celeste, my knee hurts, can you show me what else I can do?”  “Celeste, can you include some breathing for anxiety today?”

Movement makes you happy. Eventually, or after a week when the delayed onset muscle soreness is less and you love how you feel. When you put yourself first you will feel good. When you think you can't put yourself first, you decide to anyways. Especially then, because you WILL feel so good afterwards.


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Celeste Shirley | Yoga | Fitness Instructor of Yoga Inspires in Toronto ON

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"Celeste is a person who radiates joy and humanity.  Her teachings are powerful and practical to me because they relate the physical to the spiritual - helping to work with the body to connect with something greater.  Her knowledge of physiology helps her students start to understand what limitations might be self-set and not necessarily real boundaries. She inspires by example and with a great sense of humour that makes the journey fun."  Moira Wilson

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Celeste's Approach

I feel most alive when I convey the innate wisdom inside our bodies.

By making yoga or exercise a daily way of life you see this commitment carry over into a more deeply felt initiative under all that you do. If you develop the commitment to exercise or move daily you learn to rely on yourself.

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