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Celeste’s Book Release

The Intelligent Body By Celeste Shirley

The Intelligent Body

Is it possible to be in a state of constant joy?  Can your feelings direct you towards the best actions? And can your body direct you in these actions? In The Intelligent Body, Celeste Shirley demonstrates through her own stories, and with humour –

  • –how you can rely on yourself to know what you need and how to act on this “knowing”;
  • –how to find the stamina to live life free of emotional hijacking;
  • –how to recover a kind, tender, and powerful discipline that your desensitized, anxiety-driven body may have lost;
  • –how to be honest with yourself and stop trying to be “spiritual”;
  • how to find the intelligence within that reorders how you think about how you feel;
  • –how to think differently about anxiety and difficult relationships; and
  • –how to stick with what you begin—especially exercise.

In March of 1985, Celeste stepped on stage at a provincial bodybuilding competition and went into a state of non-duality or what can best be related to as “pure joy.”  She didn’t come out of the state for three months. During that time, nothing in her life was particularly miraculous or contributing to exceptional happiness. She was studying at York University full-time, holding down three jobs, training up to two hours a day at the gym and trying to make sleep a hobby.  Yet, no matter how stressful her day was, stress did not register as a difficult occurrence. All of her life became one continuous experience of moments that felt alive and direct. Each experience felt like a privilege, even when it involved deep loss, sadness or failure. Her book, The Intelligent Body is her account of how a state of joy can be lived at all times. The unique personal stories not only uplift, they reveal that there is no path to constantly feel alive, and that by knowing this, you discover how.

The book reveals and stokes a capacity for us to know we can trust our self.

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