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Monthly Yoga Passes - Toronto ON

Monthly Yoga Passes

3 Monthly Options (Auto Renewal or One-Time Pass):

Best way to get your bum on the mat!  Attend any yoga mat class—book your class ahead of time to save your mat spot.

Single 60-Minute Class Pass

Single 60-Minutes Class Pass $22.60

This drop-in pass gives you 1 credit to be spent on a single 60-minute class being offered.


Yoga Strength
Ass Out Of Bed

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Single 90-Minute Class Pass

Single 90-Minutes Class Pass $28.25

This drop-in pass gives you 1 credit to be spent on a single 90-minute class being offered.


Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga
Hatha & Restorative
Intermediate & Hatha Yoga

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Private Sessions, 60 minutes $150

Private Sessions, 60-Minutes $150

Exercise, yoga, meditation, dance, whatever moves you. Discover what that is.I need to meet with you and find out what your emotional, spiritual and physical needs are. Private Sessions are available to schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

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Thai Massage, 40-Min $60, 90-Min $120

Thai Massage: An ancient healing art; a bodywork therapy that originated in India 2500 years ago and developed through Asia to Thailand where it is still widely practiced today. This unique healing art, is like having yoga “done” to you. Thai Massages are available to schedule for 40 and 90 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

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Yoga Strength

Yoga Strength, Monthly 8 Classes $124.30

Balance Warrior pose with arm strengthening with weights, lunges with sun salutations, and work all areas of your body on the yoga swing in our group circuit.  Challenging and work at your own level.  Suitable for all levels, no experience necessary. Yoga Strength is available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

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Thursday Night Restorative Yoga, 8 Class Series $124.30

Enjoy reclining poses lying on your back on the bolster or seated to open deeply the lower back muscles, hips, and shoulders. If you are really stiff, need to relax or release anxiety and stress, this is just where you want to be. Restorative Yoga is available in an eight-week series.

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Restorative Thai Retreat $62.15

Experience luxurious deep relaxing yoga poses done on the mat with a bolster supporting you while Celeste comes around and attends to your back, legs, neck, shoulders or any other area that you need released. All Thai Massage maneuvers, stretches and releases will enhance alignment in your neck and shoulders, release your low back and bring a smile to your surrendered face! Candlelight, lovely tunes, warm blanket and a ton of love and care.

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